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so sad that the house or should i call central house of mystica and where i grew up is now turned into ashes,because of the unexpected accident last week,a fire turned the house into ashes,,,hope that they are all fine....hope for their early recovery.


FYI: Maybe some of the reader wondering, why the members wear blue or black on rhe photos. I believe thiis images actually taken during "Holy week" which commemorate every year on the same date. March 15 consider as Good Friday in catholic church. Actually during the period March 10-16, holy week started, so as tradition on that day all the members in mourning (nagluluksa), thats why wearing blue or black dress. During March 17 (easter sunday for catholic church), all members wearing white as celebration of Jesus resurrections.

Normally the members wearing white on their religious ritual as a sign of cleanliness and purity in front of God.


all the member of this group, Iglesia Mistica, became a member in Gods will or by calling. No promotion at all.


To the blogger,

I hope you dont mind, have you asked Suprema Isabel permission that you post all the pictures on your blog? Have you showed to her your blog. If I'm not mistaken, all taking images inside the church is strictly prohibited, also cannot publicized.


no Iglesia Mistica is not Rizalista, its a religious group begun since the world was created. It was started on earth around 1800 by Gods will and time.


I dreamed of 3 light rays coming from the right wing of the altar. I dreamed that Jesus was born in the old church of Iglesia del Ciudad Mistica de Dios in Sta. Lucia Dolores Quezon.


I'll provide a more accurate translation, Sidney, hope you won't mind:

pananampalataya = faith
pagtitiis = sacrifice


Very interesting compositions!



A fine series of these beautiful places and people.
You do such a good job of getting right in among the people and getting these shots. Nice work.

Ashish Sidapara

Happy Easter mate, hope you are having fun!


What beautiful, love me these images, and more if as in this case are well made. Da taste look.

haggis basher

Again a religion based on nationalism and as you said Catholicism pre Vatican 2.


I notice that all the followers are getting on in years. I wonder if this religion would last long.

Happy Easter Sidney! Hope your enjoying your vacation! :)


Un pays catholique, si catholique mais aussi tellement différent de chez nous.

Bonne fête de pâques


The woman in white kneeling looks really strict.

chris chisu

Very beautiful pics... Love the vivid colors and composition.
Some really good documentaries.

John Maslowski

Excellent images, very well composed.


are they what are known as rizalistas? i am actually planning to shoot churches aside from those in the catholic side. i am especially interested in homegrown and catholic inspired faiths. i am coming from ileto's book "pasyon at rebolusyon". :-D


joli reportage, bonnes fêtes !

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